Welcome to Barn2Door.

We want to change things. Shake it up a bit. Give sustainable, clean food growers an edge. Make high quality food easily accessible. Provide a marketplace where anyone who grows clean, sustainable food can have their own online store - and where anyone can easily browse and buy clean food right from the source.


We thought you’d like a peek at the crazy folks trying to change the world of food. Meet the team at Barn2Door, those determined to make it easy for you to buy and / or sell quality farm food:


Barn2Door exists to connect anyone who grows clean sustainable food with anyone who wants to find it, buy it and eat it. Do you grow quality food and have excess bounty or need customers? Or do you want be able to easily access all the clean, sustainable food not found in stores? We are building Barn2Door for you.


Farmers need a direct channel for sales and a way to reach customers online. Providing them an online store where we drive folks to them through marketing and a discoverable platform solves for both. Not to mention: people like quality, clean food but don’t have a place to easily access that food. We feel strongly that there is no time like the present to help sustainable food producers succeed with online stores and to give people unbridled access to their food.


Where are we? Wherever you are. Anywhere there is a food producer who wants to sell food or a person who wants to buy clean food. That said, we still have some technology jiggering to do until we can expand outside the USA. Even building time zones into the platform was tricky – but the engineering team got it done.

Today, if you want to shop on Barn2Door and you cannot find food producers who currently deliver to your door or zip code, you can still search by ‘shipping’ to begin your access to quality food (think Vermont Maple Syrup and Oregon Hazelnuts shipped to your door). If you want to sell on Barn2Door (anything from urban farm eggs to flats of berries to bulk grass-fed beef...), once your store is ready - grab your store url and share it with nearby friends, family and community members so they can start buying!


There are so many reasons why we are building Barn2Door. Here are a few:

  • To help the farmers, fishers and ranchers who don’t spray pesticides or use hormones and who care about animal welfare and soil health gain customers, sales and better margins.
  • To contribute to the local food initiative by giving urban farmers a place to sell their bounty [to neighbors!] and create community.
  • To create a marketplace where you can easily browse and find sustainable clean food.
  • To increase health by getting clean sustainable food to an increasing number of tables.
  • To help farmers succeed - to save farms - to then save farmland. When farms increase sales and customers and margins because of a direct channel - their likelihood of success increases significantly.
  • It helps the environment if we increasingly support Little Ag versus Big Ag. We want to make it easier to have a choice.
  • To enable the success of clean, sustainable farming practices by providing direct access between those who grow this kind of food and those who want to eat this kind of food.


With your help, we can change things. Let's shake it up a bit. Let’s give sustainable clean food growers an edge. Lets improve the quality of food that people put in their mouths.

We will build and continue to improve our platform; we will listen to food producers and provide them the tools they need. We will dedicate ourselves to giving you the tools you need to easily find and obtain clean sustainable food.

Every time you buy food, your money ‘votes’ for that food. When you buy clean sustainable food directly from the people that grow it, you are not only thanking them for growing quality food, you are putting money into their pockets and back into their farming operations. You help give sustainable clean food an edge.

Changing the tide of the food system by helping sustainable farming and clean food become the norm takes more than just you and I. Know a farmer or fisher? Want them to succeed? Then do this:

  1. Invite them to showcase their food for sale in their own online store, then
  2. buy from them, then
  3. tell your friends to buy from them*

* your account comes with a ‘refer a friend’ code - use it to earn Barn2Door credit toward all farm stores - we’ll gift your friend a discount too.

And if you don’t already know a farmer? Well, lets change that.


Get Started.