Where does Barn2Door deliver?

We've been attending events around Seattle this past month - and this is the question we hear most - so here is the quick and dirty:

  • It is the farmer who delivers, not Barn2Door. It matters where each farmer lives - they choose nearby zip codes for delivery, meetup and drop-sites - along routes they already tread or are willing to tread.
  • There are a number of delivery options, including but not limited to: your home stoop or office building, a nearby coffee shop, a farmer's market or even on-farm pickup (email us to request office or restaurant delivery).
  • When farmers - or any online store owner - offer 'shipping', then delivery is anywhere, everywhere that can be reached by US post. Shipping = delivery everywhere!

We prefer not to insert ourselves in the middle. We want you to know your farmer and for them to know you. Sellers enjoy direct sales and direct relationships with their customers. A quote from our Mission Page
The shorter the chain between raw food and fork, the fresher it is and the more transparent the system is.

― Joel Salatin

We like this short chain: from food producer directly to you.

So... "Where are the current sellers delivering?"

Right now, we have a number of food producers with pickups and delivery in and near Seattle - plus food available for shipping to anyone, anywhere (including syrup, honey, lemons, tuna, salmon & more). For example, last week a buyer in NYC bought maple syrup from a seller in Vermont, we sent raw honey to a food blogger in Oregon and bought unsprayed organic lemons in bulk and had them shipped from California to Seattle.