How Does Barn2Door Work?


  • Buyers seeking farmers, fishers, and ranchers committed to clean farming practices.
  • Buyers seeking farmers who deliver direct (2Door) or offer local pickup.
  • Buyers seeking diverse, direct alternatives for proteins (beef, pork, chicken, fish, seafood), produce (fruit, vegetables), dairy (milk, cheese), nuts and, grains, fungi (mushrooms), honey, or any other farm-originated items.
  • Buyers seeking to access online fresh sheets from local farms.


  • Barn2Door is a software platform that farmers use to give Buyers access to real-time inventory with ordering across web, social, mobile and email.
  • Barn2Door gives Buyers access to a digital fresh-sheet for each farm to streamline ordering, payment, and communications.
  • Barn2Door ensures Buyers have access to appropriate pricing including wholesale, private and/or consumer.
  • Barn2Door reconciles deposit and final payment(s) on all variable weighted items (e.g. half hog, quarter cow, whole turkey).
  • Barn2Door makes purchasing convenient (credit, debit, ACH, check) and reconciles orders, deposits and payments automatically - providing Buyers with an audit trail.
  • Barn2Door offers Buyers Farmer specific mobile apps of their go-to suppliers for quick ordering and flash sale alerts
  • Barn2Door offers Buyers Barn2Door’s App which features all Farms that serve a given region - enabling Buyers to discover and access new or seasonal producers.
  • Barn2Door does NOT markup farmers’ prices.
  • Buyers pay no subscription or membership fees; buyers pay a 1% convenience fee per purchase


  • You love supporting local Farms, but want it to be easier to browse availability, see delivery options and place orders.
  • You like online fresh sheets with real-time inventory and purchasing to ensure order accuracy.
  • You like ordering direct from local farmers since it keeps more profit in their pocket (good bye middleman!)
  • You would like to get access to uglies / seconds and flash sales (30% discount or more on seasonal bounty!)
  • You would be happy to discover, access and support new or seasonal producers!
  • You would like Barn2Door to help you source hard-to-find items (submit requests and we help match you to suppliers - a free service!).


  • Buyers can view and order real-time inventory from local farms anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Buyers can access and purchase from any local farmer’s online fresh sheet through web, social, mobile and email.
  • Barn2Door is geo-intelligent, so you can only view or purchase farm inventory that is available for delivery to your door. Items are available through direct delivery, local pickup or shipping. Don’t see local food? Sign up to be alerted when local farmers near you start selling!


  • Get Started. It is FREE to sign up and use. Register to view wholesale or consumer pricing. If you have any questions, would like to Refer a Farm, or need Barn2Door to help you Source Food - we’ll do the legwork for you.