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Create an account by entering your email and password. Then go to your Account Billing Page, add credit card & click save. Then choose billing plan & click save. Next, describe your farm in your store profile; when prompted, agree to terms & click save. Now you are ready to create offers and fill your store (auto-populate your store with CSV / Excel upload). For more information read Sellers Getting Started.

Farmers post local delivery information including direct delivery or pickup locations, days, times and specific zip codes. We know many farmers sell both direct to consumer and direct to restaurant / wholesale; you can set different delivery information for the consumer view and restaurant view of your store (E.g. direct delivery to restaurants in multiple zip codes AND pre-purchase and pickup at farmer market for consumers in just 1 zip code). People shop your store 24/7, add items to their cart and pre-purchase food for direct delivery or local pickup. You get a sales summary, they get an order and delivery reminder, you deliver - you can direct message your customers at any time from your ‘customer list’. Track payments in your account - pay by check or credit card - all credit card payments will be automatically deposited into your account.

For all your customers (chefs, consumers, etc.) who have downloaded your farm app, you can send custom notifications when you post new items or are coming to town; you can also set automatic notifications to your local customers. Example notifications: location-specific (if customers come within 1 mile of the farmer market you can set an alert to encourage them to swing by!) and [ideal for chefs] a weekly auto-reminder to place orders.

With your Barn2Door webstore you can manage local sales and distribution and / or list items for shipping across the USA. Track all customer orders, requests, conversations, sales history and fulfillment in one simple interface.

This is where the fun begins - we are here to maximize your online ecommerce opportunities - so you can reach any and all online shoppers including all your current plus new customers. With Barn2Door’s technology solution, you can have an online store in as many places as possible: on the Barn2Door marketplace, as a plug-in store on your website, on a mobile app (and your mobile app is indexed by Google Search as a discoverable website).

If you don’t want an ecommerce store on your website (or for some reason it does not work with your site), we recommend adding two ‘call to action’ buttons for people browsing your website: Shop Now (which you can link to your store) and Download my App (with link to Apple and Google / Android stores).

Yes, you can have a webstore on AND a store on your Farm App in addition to your own website. Our subscription by default includes all four:

  1. A store on your website,
  2. A store on’s marketplace,
  3. A store on your Farm App, and
  4. Your Farm App is indexed by Google Search as a website.

…. and the best part? You only have to manage your inventory and updates in one place - it automatically posts to all four - or in your case you’d choose just 3 (not your website since you already have ecommerce).

No. We do not markup food prices. To cover processing, refunds, hosting and payment management - there is a 2.9% fee for credit card payments, 1% for ACH direct deposit payments and no fees for check payments. (Since farmers set prices, some elect to increase their prices by 2.9% or 1% to cover those processing fees).

There is no setup fee.

You can offer pay by credit card or pay by check (via postal mail or upon delivery). Checks go right to you; for credit card payments - money is directly deposited into your bank account. Officially we pay sellers net 30 after delivery of goods, but it is typically much sooner (within 1-2 weeks).

Barn2Door uses Stripe for buyer credit card processing, payment to sellers, and support for related transactions such as refund management. We use Stripe to directly deposit payment to sellers' bank accounts.

Stripe is the partner we use to process credit card transactions; they are a standard payment solution across large online marketplaces. Stripe is a certified as a Level 1 Service provider - the most stringent certification re: security, privacy and compliance.

Buyers can purchase your food and products via pay by check and with all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express. If you'd like to request a different form of payment, please contact us.

You pay a yearly fee to have your ongoing store. We do not markup, add fees or take a cut of the food you sell. You will only be charged 2.9% (credit cards) or 1% (ACH direct deposits) for the processing payment activities. You set your own prices, and keep most of the proceeds from the food you sell.

The beauty of being listed in a marketplace is your farm benefits from our marketing and advertising efforts to drive traffic to We sometimes offer specials, discounts or promotions to encourage buyers to shop like a Welcome promo code for $10 off their first purchase). While a shopper may use a Barn2Door issued coupon, we want to ensure you still receive your listed price; in other words, we pay for the coupon not you. In this instance, you will receive two bank deposits: the first will be your food minus the coupon (E.g. $10), the second deposit is a reimbursement for that $10.

For now, Barn2Door is available only across the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii). We look forward to expanding to additional countries and currencies.